Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes used in telecommunication cable applications must endure year-round exposure to often extreme outdoor environments. Tape applications include insulation, maintenance and repair of telecommunication cables, as well as connection wrapping protection for other terminal cables. In order to address telecommunication cables’ high maintenance requirements, telecom tapes must be UV, aging, and environment resistant, and operate in low outdoor temperatures.


Telecommunication tapes include high-end PVC and high-voltage rubber types, and are specified according to an application’s particular needs.

Avery Dennison Yongle develops and produces cost-effective high-performance PVC and high-voltage rubber tapes that meet the varying needs of telecommunication cables. Our PVC tape is lead-free, environmentally friendly and viscous, and has good resistance to UV light, humidity, acid and alkali, corrosion and harsh climates. High voltage rubber tape has strong adhesion, is compatible with various materials and cables, and delivers excellent weather resistance, durability and waterproof sealing.

Avery Dennison Yongle telecommunication tapes meet the specification standards of different countries and regions, and have earned certifications such as UL, CSA and VDE. They are widely used for insulation and protection of high and low-voltage connections, and in applications including base stations, antennas, radio frequency connecters, accessories grounding, waterproof seals of overhead insulation wires, cable terminal seals and jacketing repair.

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