Petroleum and gas pipelines are typically located in environments containing organic and hydrogen sulfides, salts and groundwater that can cause corrosion and ultimately pipeline leaks. For this reason, it is critical to apply anti-corrosion protection to pipeline surfaces.


Most pipeline manufacturers employ manual and automated tape wrapping for pipeline protection. Both manual and automated wrapping methods call for easy-to-handle  tapes withlow release force and moderate peeling strength.

Avery Dennison Yongle anti-corrosion tapes have a uniform thickness, with good adhesion and sealing performance, and will not easily “degum” or foam in use. Our PVC tapes have high mechanical and tensile strength, appropriate elongation and good abrasion resistance. These characteristics help improve customer production efficiency and reduce associated costs.

Yongle’s PVC tapes have good temperature and ageing resistance to UV light, and strong moisture and thermal expansion resistance. Our anti-corrosion tapes are compatible with different substrates and can be wrapped outside the pipeline to provide  insulation, isolation and waterproofing protection.

We provide customers with tapes in high, middle and low-end categories. They are  specified for anti-corrosion protection in petroleum, chemical and gas pipelines, water supply and drainage pipes, and beverage conveyor applications. Our high-end protective tapes pass the U.S. UPC certification and meet European environmental regulations. High ductility and confirmability facilitate a proper fit for outer surface corrosion protection on pipe joints, elbows and three-ways.

For more information on Avery Dennison Yongle pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for anti-corrosion pipeline applications, visit our online product selector or contact our adhesive tape experts today.

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