Floor Marking

Production workshops, warehouses, public places and hospitals often have needs to identify and warn of hazardous areas within their facilities and on their property.

Floor Marking

High elasticity and low viscosity characterize today’s most common marking tapes. A drawback to this tape solution is its performance on floor surfaces, where it can easily deform, shrink, and ultimately fail in short time periods.

Avery Dennison Yongle now offers specialized floor marking tapes with high viscosity, low elongation and non-deformable PVC substrates. The tapes are available for a variety of applications, such as routine identification for temporary construction areas and high viscosity and low elongation tapes for areas needing long-term identification. The tapes come in 16 bright OHSA colors.

Avery Dennison Yongle's PVC floor marking tapes offer:

  • Good bonding performance. 

  • Simple efficient application to floors.

  • Durable color and uniform, eye-catching appearance.

  • Good abrasion and deformation resistance.

  • Suitable for both long-term and temporary applications. 

  • Residue-free peel away. 

  • Good resistance to UV light, humidity, acid and corrosion.

For more information on Avery Dennison Yongle pressure-sensitive, floor marking adhesive tapes, visit the online product selector or contact our adhesive tapes experts today.

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